Dutch Fashion Designer Creates Clothing Line That Prevents Slouching

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Dutch designer, Jeffrey Heiligers’ latest clothing line – ‘Posture’ – targets people who spend most of their time hunched over a computer. By preventing the wearer from slouching, the clothes help people improve their posture in the long run. Oddity Central has more:

The concept is simple – every time you slouch, the shirt will tighten uncomfortably around the back, forcing you to sit upright again! “I engineered a tailor-made remedy that corrects poor posture, nowadays very common amongst the digital generation, not by constraining the muscles, but by training them,” Heiligers said. “Posture offers a solution integrated in the clothes you wear. By repositioning the seams in such a way that they start to feel uncomfortable when hunching, it stimulates you to sit up straight.”

Heiligers revealed that a physiotherapist was involved in the designing process. They began by identifying the various sitting and standing positions that cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. Heiligers then cut the fabric across the back, in order to make the clothes tighten slightly when the wearer slumps forward. The discomfort will remind the wearer to adjust their posture, and their muscles will eventually get trained to sit and stand the right way.