Floyd Mayweather’s Victory Earn Celebrities Major Jackpots On Bets


Celebrities worldwide who placed massive bets on Mayweather walking away as winner have hit the jackpots, me included.

Celebrities like Nigerian pop star, Davido, American rap star, 50 Cent and P.Diddy are some of the lucky individuals that have hit it big.

Davido, who is in Vegas, allegedly placed a bet of N4m on the match rooting Mayweather and it’s without doubt that the HKN gang boss has gotten richer with his smart bet.

In the big league, American rapper, 50 Cent had placed a staggering $1.4m on the 38 years old Mayweather and that is aside the $500K performance fee he got for performing at a gig before the match.

And just like 50 Cent is music mogul, P. Diddy, who won a bet of $250K bet against Hollywood actor, Mark Wahlberg.

Other celebrities that would be painting the town red include actor, Sylvester Stallone, who rooted for the American boxer over the Filipino born boxer.

Davido flashing two wads of $100 bills at the Palms Casino Hotel in Las Vegas ahead of the boxing matchMayweather and Diddy