Gov. Aliyu Calls For Removal Of Fuel Subsidy



Niger state governor Muazu Babangida Aliyu has called on the federal government to totally deregulate the oil sector by removing subsidy from petroleum products.

Speaking at the inauguration of a 3-star hotel constructed jointly by the Niger state Development Company Limited and the State Sure-P said that removal of  the subsidy will render Mafias in the oil business powerless and thus give room for free and regular flow of the commodity to all parts of the country without any stress. He noted that subsidy on petroleum products is currently being enjoyed by only a section of the society who have the connections to be licensed to import the commodities.

Aliyu noted that unless the government removes subsidy and allow the resurgence of a real market, the country will continue to witness the kind of problem currently facing the country.

“Is it not an irony that we sell crude oil and we end up buying refined petroleum from the international market?” Aliyu asked.