Why Buhari Must Perform Miracle In Office – Labour Party

Muhammadu-BuhariThe Labour Party has asked President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to place a ban on foreign medical treatment for public servants in his administration.

The National Chairman of LP, Alhaji Abdulkadir Salam, who stated this in an interview with journalists on Sunday in Abuja, also suggested that for Buhari to fight the anti-corruption war successfully, he must not spare “the first eleven”.

He said, “There are certain things that we expect Buhari to do urgently. Health is one, so that our people will not go abroad for treatment again. He can do it; he told us he can do it. We have the resources to do it. We have the material and human resources to do it. So, we believe he can do it if he wants to do it; this will reduce medical tourism in Nigeria.

“Nigerians are not ready to accept excuses from him”.

The LP chairman said during his campaigns across the country, the president-elect made Nigerians believe that he would completely turn around the affairs of the country in just few months.

While advising Buhari to lead according to the change mantra of his party, the All Progressives Congress, by not going abroad in search of medical treatment throughout his four-year term, Salam said the incoming president must improve all health facilities in the country to cope with the citizens’ health challenges.

Salam said, “Let me say here that Nigerians have given the APC the authority and the mandate to come out with the changes. APC people, who clamoured for change, told Nigerians they wanted change and campaigned on the platform and basis of change.

“Let nobody now begin to tell us that he cannot perform miracle, because they told Nigerians that when they come they would perform miracle. We will not expect Buhari to go abroad for any medical treatment. Our health system must be properly put in place. He must focus attention on it; let them not tell us that they cannot provide jobs for our teeming youths. Let them not tell us that the security lapses will continue in any manner, since they told us that they would perform miracle.

“Based on that change and miracle, Nigerians voted for them. So, in all spheres of human endeavour-education, health, agriculture, infrastructural development, power, energy and the rest-they should be able to satisfy Nigerians within a reasonable period”.


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