Chinese Companies Accused Of Selling Potentially Deadly Plastic Rice

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China is famous for fake goods, but according to some disturbing media reports, they’re even faking rice now.

According to several sources, this “plastic rice” is made by mixing potatoes with industrial synthetic resin and is almost impossible to distinguish from real rice in raw form. The only way to identify plastic rice is by cooking it – it remains hard and is difficult to digest. One publication explained that soup cooked with plastic rice will form a plastic film over the top, which burns when heated.

Health experts are warning people that these grains, if consumed, could wreak havoc on the digestive system. According to an official from the Chinese Restaurant Association, eating three bowls of plastic rice would equal consuming one plastic bag! There’s a rumor going around that this fake rice is now being exported to other Asian countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, but authorities have yet to confirm it.