Man Born Without Private Parts Manages To Sleep With More Than 100 Women


A good-looking man in the United Kingdom, who was popular with the ladies, said that his girlfriends abandoned him after revealing that he was born without private parts. 40-year-old Andrew Wardle of Manchester, was a party animal who regularly left with the prettiest woman in the room when he went to clubs. Sometimes he even managed to get two girls at once. However, the women did not know that Wardle has no private parts. Scoop reports:

His rare condition is known only to his family and a handful of trusted friends. Now, Wardle is dating a stunning 34-year-old girlfriend, and he has decided to go public. Wardle said that he will be going on national television to talk about his condition so that everyone can learn about it at once instead of having to tell his friends individually.

Wardle spent his life hiding that fact that he was born without private parts. When Wardle first met a woman, he would tell her that he has a kidney problem so that no sex would be involved. Wardle was born with his bladder outside of his body, which means his private parts were not able to form when he was in the womb.

After 15 operations, doctors managed to seal his bladder into his body, but he was left without private parts. Despite his condition, Wardle managed to sleep with more than 100 women, but he wasn’t able to have sex with them.