Man Stabbed To Death While Tying To Settle Quarrel

A man is arrested by the police for looting on the fourth day of a nationwide strike against the removal of the petrol subsidy in Lagos

DETECTIVES in Ondo State police command have arrested three persons, including two deaf and dumb men, for stabbing to death a peacemaker who was trying to settle a squabble between them. Vanguard gathered that the suspects include Abuchi Unegbu, Jelili Ojo and Busayo Osho, both deaf and dumb. Vanguard reports:

According to an eyewitness, the deceased, simply identified as Uwam, was separating a fight between the three men when one of the deaf persons stabbed him in the stomach with a broken bottle. It was gathered that  the deceased was stabbed by one of the deaf men who wanted to stab another person who accused him of stepping on him without apologizing.

Vanguard gathered that Unegbu allegedly accused one of the deaf men of cheating him because of his disability by stepping on his toes without the courtesy of apologizing. An argument, it was learned, ensued, which later degenerated  into a fight among the three persons. It was learned that efforts by people around the  place to resolve the squabble proved abortive.

While  the elders were still trying to placate the them and stop them from allowing the disagreement degenerate, one of the deaf persons, Osho, reportedly went for a bottle and in an attempt to stab the offender, Unegbu, inadvertently stabbed the deceased who was trying to shield him.Vanguard gathered that hell was let loose as the atmosphere  became tensed and  people took to their heels for the fear of the unknown.