Read Basketmouth’s Poem On Nigeria, You’d Be Amazed


It’s quite weird to see that Basketmouth can be serious about anything.

The superstar comedian went on his Instagram page to share a poem about Nigeria.

Read it below: –

I know a country, far far away, Whose land is very fertile, yet its people starve. Who is surrounded by the atlantic, yet its people have no running water. Where leather is in abundance, yet they import shoes and bags. Where oil oozes out of its soil, yet they import petrol. This country has over 150million people, yet they need to import a group of 10 “consultants” to audit their oil accounts. Where cocoa seeds are picked by toddlers, yet they import chocolate Who is renowned for internet fraud, yet it does not have a decent internet connection. I know a country, far far away. Credits to Bayo Adekeye.





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