‘The Task Before Us Is Enormous’, Saraki Says As Senate Sets Up C’ttee To Review Lawmakers’ Salaries, Allowances

Bukola SarakiIn response to public outcry, the Senate had constituted a committee to review the salaries and allowances of lawmakers.

This was disclosed by the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, on Tuesday.

According to the senate president, the Adhoc committee was set up to reassess the structure and review the level of openness, of members’ pay to ensure that the budget reflects the current economic realities in the country.

He also pointed out that the move was in response to controversies in the media on the allowances and salaries of the lawmakers.

“In the last few days, there have been different reports on allowances for the National Assembly members”, he said, adding that “I reckon it to be false and reckless, which has prompted the need to stir up transparency in allowances to avoid misinformation”.

Mr. Saraki said it was due to the same reason that he met with officials of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

He stated that it was to ensure that the country gets an accurate presentation on the true state of all salaries and allowances.

He also announced the immediate composition of an 18-man Senate adhoc committee comprising of three senators for each geopolitical zones to develop a legislative agenda for the 8th Senate within the next couple of weeks.

“The task before us is enormous and Nigerians voted for change and we hope that we deliver to them tangible change”, Mr. Saraki said.

“The clear issues that agitate the minds of the people are the government revenues, the current fiscal crisis in many of our states, the unsustainable cost of governance in the country and the rising cost of doing business in Nigeria.

“This concerns have also agitated our minds individually and collectively and we must provide answers because it can no longer be business as usual”,

The senate president stressed that the “Senate either buckles up and face the realities to forge ahead to ensure a better future for the next generation or turn a blind eye to the extravagant facts that are staring us in the face”.

“Without doing so, we will not have the authority to ensure transparency in ministry and others for public good”, said Mr. Saraki.

The expected draft agenda will be laid on the floor of the senate for approval and discussion to give the senate focus and cohesion.

Saraki also suggested that the nation delves into more businesses to stem the effect of the falling prices in oil because the implementation of capital projects under the budget have become very challenging.