50 Cent Pictured With Stack Of Cash In His Pockets Amid Bankruptcy Reports


Controversial American rapper, 50 Cent, seems to be subtly sending a message that says; ‘I’m joking, I’m still stinking rich’

50 Cent was photographed in Atlantic City with a stack of cash stashed in the pocket of his expensive jeans just few days before he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

50 cent and his money sandwich in Atlantic City

The G-Unit boss was obviously in a good mood while flaunting the money on the red carpet, and reports say it’s about $5,000 in his deep pockets.

50’s bankruptcy reports came just a week after he was ordered to pay Rick Ross’ ex $5 million for allegedly attempting to sell her sex tape.

50 Cents flaunts stack of cash in Atlantic City

Now reports say the recent bankruptcy filing is just a legal maneuver to reorganize his finances and obviously to reduce his debts.

In other words, 50’s still filthy rich.

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