Castro’s Family Say There Will Be No Funeral For Him


Contrary to popular reports, the family of Castro have revealed that they are sorry to disappoint fans that there would be no anniversary for the mysteriously death of the singer.

There will be no funeral or any activity to mark the day which falls on Monday, July 6, 2015 because the members of the family of the Seihor hit-maker are still hopeful he is alive and will appear one day.

Rather in marking what the family described as ‘Dark Sunday’ July 6, 2014’, they told the Showbiz, they will mark the day with prayers to ask for God’s guidance for him and not funeral or a funfair.

According to Castro’ father, Mr. John Eshun, an employee of Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority, “we as a family have not planned anything or a funeral for Castro, but on that day, we will gather and pray to ask God that, wherever Castro and whatever happened, He (God) should reveal it to us because the mystery is too much to bear.

“Yes, we as a family have missed our son but until we get credible information on exactly what happened to him, we will not hold any funeral for him because we believe he is alive somewhere,” he said.

Sounding highly confident, Mr. Eshun said, “we hope to see him one day. Infact whether dead or alive he belongs to us and we are waiting”, he said.

According to Mr Eshun, until the mystery surrounding Catro’s disappearance is unraveled, the family would want to liken the situation to one of his frequent trips abroad.

“Just like he always tells us he is traveling for one show or the other – he goes and comes back, so we would want to look at the whole thing as one of such trips. We are still hopeful he will come back,” he said.

He said “I must say that my wife, children and the rest of the family are at the moment left with no option than to resort to fervent, endless prayers which have been our ‘weapon’ to fight the pain his mysterious disappearance has brought to us.

“Our supplications to God since the day of the incident is still for Him (God) to show us the way and also what really happened to our son.

“In our heart, one day our son will come back. I pray to wake up one day and he will be there as usual to tell us what he has been up to” he added.