Dumb Drug Dealer Busted After Taking Selfie In Front Of His Cannabis Factory [PHOTO]

One of the incriminating cannabis selfies that trapped Richard Edmunds and Joshua Langmead. See SWNS story SWDRUGS: Langmead took pictures of the crop while Edmunds is pictured giving a thumbs-up sign as he grinned for the camera with the plants in the background. Both men worked at the same aerospace firm in North Devon and sold drugs to friends to pay off debts and pay for their own cannabis use.

This drug dealer who thought it was a splendid idea to take a selfie in front of a cannabis factory was foiled after police saw the incriminating images.

UK Metro reports that Richard Edmunds, who gives a thumbs-up in the picture, was arrested after the photo was shared between friends’ mobile phones.

Police discovered the photo before turning up at Edmunds’ house in South Molton, Devon, which he shared with fellow aerospace engineer Joshua Langmead, and discovered two bedrooms converted into mini-cannabis factories, complete with growing lights and fans.

The two men, both aged 25, each admitted to possession of cannabis with intent to supply at Exeter Crown Court, while Edmunds also admitted production of cannabis and possession of ecstasy for his own use.