English Man Refuses To Appear In Wales Court Because Of Thick Accents


A convicted drug dealer from England refused to travel to Wales for his sentencing because he can’t understand the local accent. Dwaine Campbell, 25, pleaded guilty to heroin possession with intent to supply after he was arrested in Aberystwyth, Wales, with 51 packages of heroin and he spent seven days in custody before being moved to a jail closer to his home in England’s West Midlands.

Janet Gedrych, Campbell’s lawyer, said he missed his sentencing hearing Monday at Wales’ Swansea Crown Court because he refused to leave his jail cell. Gedrych said Campbell did not want to return to Wales for his sentencing because he couldn’t understand what people in Aberystwyth were saying due to their Welsh accents.

“He is worried that if he is sentenced here he will end up in a jail in Wales and have the same difficulties,” she told Wales Online. Judge Peter Heywood said Campbell’s sentencing has been rescheduled for next month and he will conduct the hearing over a video connection “so he can stay in the West Midlands.”