Man Charged For Calling 911 To Complain About His Air Conditioner


A Pennsylvania man was apparently blowing hot air when he called 911 to get help with his air conditioner. Police in Indiana County say Travis J. Turner, 27, called 911 Sunday afternoon and said he was having difficulty breathing. Huffington Post reports:

When paramedics arrived, Turner “related to them that he was fine and did not have any medical issues,” according to a complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun. He then told the medics that he was having issues with his air conditioning and asked if they could fix it.

Officials said that while medics were dealing with Turner, there was a legitimate medical call from a Chinese restaurant. They said Turner’s call “endangered the welfare of a true medical patient,” according to the Indiana Gazette. Turner was charged with obstructing emergency services and disorderly conduct on Wednesday, according to CBS News.

But you’d think officials would be familiar with Turner’s voice and address by now — he’s been accused of making 63 bogus calls to 911 over the last few years, according to Newser. Similar charges were brought against Turner in December, but were dropped in February as part of a plea deal that required him to stop making 911 nuisance calls and “submit to further welfare oversight and a mental health evaluation,” according to The Smoking Gun.