Senators Earn N900,000 Per Month, N42,000 Annual Wardrobe Allowance – Deputy Senate Whip


Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Francis Alimikhena says members of the Senate are in actual sense not being paid jumbo salaries as widely reported by the media. According to him, wardrobe allowance for senators is just N42,000 and monthly salary, N900,000.

“Like all these talk about  jumbo pay and the rest, I have not seen the jumbo pay. For instance they were talking about wardrobe allowance of about N6 million or thereabout. But we were told the wardrobe allowance is N42,000 and N42,000 cannot be a jumbo pay,” he told Vanguard in an interview.

“I have not seen the jumbo pay. Whether the jumbo pay will come tomorrow, it is only when I see it that I can comment on it.

“Meanwhile what they read on the floor of the Senate to us is what I have just told you now. They said wardrobe allowance which the papers published as N6 million for every Senator is N42,000 and I don’t think that N42,000 is a thing that somebody should make noise about.

“And if you calculate all these as you were told, the take home pay of a Senator is about N900,000 a month, so I don’t see the jumbo pay there. Maybe probably they calculated what you take in a year or added the furniture allowance which you receive once in four years.

“And the N42,000 wardrobe allowance that they are talking about is paid once in a year. So I have not seen any jumbo pay, maybe  the jumbo pay will come, I don’t know.

Alimikhena noted that it was based on issues of alleged financial recklessness that the Senate President Bukola Saraki set up a committee on finance to look at all the loopholes.

“This Senate is not going to be an extravagant Senate and you should also bear in mind that this is change. The slogan of APC is change, change for the good and not change for the bad. The change from the wrong way of doing things to change to good things so that Nigerians will benefit. I don’t think the 8th Senate is insensitive to the yearnings of Nigerians,” the Senator said.



  1. Sir, with due respect, what is minimum wage rate? How many workers in Nigeria have the privilege of having wardrobe allowance, not to talk of other arm robber allowances not mentioned here. Please, spare us this sermon. it is well with us the poor citizens of this country. We have accepted our condition just as you politicians kept us. But you all should remember, that, there is God. All these una wealth na vanity upon vanity.

  2. na so my sister god is looking at them when its time all their familly and love ones are going to weep for them 900k permonth 42000 wardrobe allowance a big lie were some havent got what they we eat this morning the shoudnt worry allmaighty allah we intervene one day

  3. Blatant lie to say honourable,u think u can decieve we nigerian’s.It’s a pity that at ur age n stage or level in life u still lie!! That shows,u don’t have d fear of God in u,repent cos when the rot of visit u infct u will know that there’s God.

  4. nigerian politicians re d rut of nigeria problems. hw can u tel me dat a contry dat has a population of nt less dan 150million people n d economy of dis ppl is controld by a few ppl dat re nt up to 10 million ppl. n all d politicians re desprate to count in billions nw tell me hw dis mass population wil survive. gudluck jonathan came out in 2011 wit d name as first southern candidate 4 presidnt. d southerners n nigerias as whole came out massivly n put him d possition. in dat yr gej was d last hope of d common man, so he was able 2 decievd us. gej was proclaimn dat he wil transform nigeria to d level of d western countries b4 2020 by decievn us wit grammar vission 2020. wen dia is employment no light no gud roads no peace n wit massiv Nigeria deciedd to vote him out by adoptn buhari n buhari promis dat he wil restore nigeria by probn d present n past politician who bridge d law. he also promis to giv constant light emplomnt n cutn d politician salary. but up til nw dia no smell change. to me any politician who fail to delieva his promis should expect dead as penalty. pls nigeria should change dia logo to froudsters wit vissions without reality. bad country only u wnt eat physical 1m monthly wat about us wey neva eat 4 days nw?