Veteran OAP, Olisa Reveals Why He Isn’t Married


Veteran OAP, Olisa Adibua has opened up in a new interview with City People Magazine, why he is still single after all these years.

Olisa is well beyond the expected age for marriage and in the interview he attributed the reason why he is still single because he is very contended with his life now.

He also added that his crazy work hours won’t be suitable for marriage.

I am still single and that is because it hasn’t just happened, it’s not that I don’t want to or that can’t but I am hoping it happens at some point in time. However, its all about your own personal happiness and I am very contended how I am right now, and also I feel that if I had got married a few years back, my wife would probably have left me because I have ridiculously unhealthy hours” said Olisa Adibua.

I leave my house around 6:30am and I don’t usually come back, sometimes if I have the chance I would just pop home and have lunch and most times I don’t come back till about 10pm, and I come back shattered and all I want to do is just fall on a couch and zone out” he further said.a

He also said that most women will not understand the type of business he is in.

When it comes to his ideal woman, Olisa Adibua said his ideal woman “has to be intelligent, good sense of humour, someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and someone who knows what they want to do with their lives. She has to be confident who she is and doesn’t pretend. There are a lot of women like that, very natural.”

In May Olisa expressed his distaste for women who bleach.