We’ll Participate In House Leader Election If … – PDP Reps

house-of-reps2The Peoples Democratic Party caucus in the House of Representatives, on Sunday, warned its All Progressives Congress colleagues to either get their acts together or they would be forced to participate in the election of the Majority Leader of the House and other principal officers.
The APC, which is in the majority, has been torn by crisis over the sharing of principal offices in the Green Chamber with both factions of the party insisting on going head-to-head over the selection of House leader.
To this end, the PDP caucus hinted that should the final decision be that an election be conducted to decide the majority leader, all party caucuses would participate in the election.
The immediate past Deputy Majority Leader, Mr. Leo Ogor, speaking with journalists in Abuja, said that the responsibilities of the House leader went beyond “just being a member of the majority party” to standing for all caucuses of the House.
“If they say they are going for election, all of us will participate.
“We are talking about the election of the House leader, not the election of the leader of a political party.
“Since the leader is not just for the APC but for the whole House, there is no way they can conduct the election on the floor of the House without our participation”, Ogor added.
The former deputy majority leader admitted that while Rule 27(1) of the Standing Orders of the House states that the leader be nominated from among the members of the majority party, all party caucuses would have to vote for such a leader to emerge in the event of an election.


    • To help Dogara to defy APC, abi? And you still say that Saraki and Dogara are not PDP members in APC? It took barely 200 soldiers and policemen to shut down the National Assembly during Jonathan’s days. If the National Assembly connive to disturb any of Buhari’s change programs, the common people of Nigeria will march on the National Assembly, lock it up and throw the keys into the Atlantic Ocean. Unless the National Assembly members get their acts together and remove these coup-plotters-induced legislative leadership, they will become jobless soon without income and they will suffer like ordinary Nigerians whom they have sold out! We can do without the National Assembly.