1805 Candidates Fail Bar Exams


The Council of Legal Education, yesterday, released the results of the Bar final examinations it conducted in April and May, 2015. Out of the 5588 that sat for the exams, 1805 candidates failed.

In a statement it issued in Abuja yesterday, the council disclosed that only four candidates made First Class, while 109 candidates made Second Class Upper.

Giving a breakdown of the results, the Director General of the Nigerian ‎Law School, Mr. O. A. Onadeko, revealed that a total number of 2,736 students participated in the Bar final resit examinations for the 2014/2015 school year.

Out of a total number ‎of 1,648 students that were declared successful at the exams, 98 students secured conditional pass, while a total of 990 students failed.

‎The April results according to the law school DG translates to 60% pass, 3.6% conditional pass and 36.2% failure.

Similarly, the May 2015 Bar Final examinations for Regular Students which had a total of 2, 852 candidates, recorded 815 failure, with four candidates graded in First Class.

A total of 109 candidates made Second Class Upper, 418 were graded in Second Class Lower category, 1,422 got Pass, while 83 others secured Conditional Pass.

Onadeko said the May 2015 Bar Final Examinations results translated to 68.5% Pass, ‎2.9% Conditional Pass and 28.6% failure.

“The call to the Bar ceremonies for the successful candidates will hold from October 20 to 22 , 2015, in Abuja‎,” he added.