Amaechi Denies Ownership Of Foreign Bank Accounts, Decries Plot To Smear Him

Rotimi AmaechiThe immediate past governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, has denied reports that he owned bank accounts in the United States and Switzerland.
The ex-governor, in a statement on Friday, said the stories were concocted to ridicule his person and achievements.
Mr Amaechi said although he initially ignored the reports, he now believes it is important “to clear all doubts about the rumour”.
“There is absolutely no truth in the fabricated story saying Amaechi has an account with a Bank in Minnesota, USA”, the statement read.
According to the former governor, reports that he lodged stolen funds in error at the Bancorp of Switzerland were “absolutely false”.
“It is important for the public to note that no such account or accounts exists”, the statement read.
The statement also debunked speculations that popular CNN talk show host, Christiane Amanpour, accused him of corruption.
“There is also no story of Amanpour linking the former governor with any corruption issue or case whatsoever, not on CNN or any verified news source or website associated with Amanpour.
“These are all lies, concocted in an attempt to put the public against the acclaimed people’s governor whose achievements as governor of Rivers State speaks volumes and drew admiration and accolades from within and outside Nigeria.
“All these fictitious stories are the product of the ill imaginations of wicked and unscrupulous people opposed to Amaechi; those jealous and at unease with his continued rise in the country and beyond; those whose life ambition is to pull Amaechi down.
“We therefore urge the people to discard and disregard the unfounded rumours. They are all fake”, the statement read.