American Rapper, Busta Rhymes Arrested On Assault Charges


Veteran American rapper, Busta Rhymes (real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr.) has just been arrested after he reportedly threw a protein drink at a worker in Manhattan’s Steel Gym on Wednesday, August 5.

The incident occurred after the worker tried to tell the Dangerous rapper to leave the gym Wednesday.

 The ‘Break Ya Neck’ rapper has been charged with second-degree assault after officials said he hit the worker in the head with a 17-ounce strawberry drink in a cardboard box.

According to an eyewitness Sean Aird, ”things got heated” between the two, and ”Busta splashed water on him and the employee threw water back, at which point Busta’s security got between them.”

Arid tells the NY Daily News that ”the employee kept changing his story about the fight to the police,” before adding that Rhymes ”was provoked — Busta never had any physical contact with him whatsoever.” 

Sources told the paper that Busta Rhymes and the worker had issues with one another in the past, and the feud escalated on Tuesday when the worker refused to let Rhymes bring a cameraman inside the facility to film his exercise regimen.