Forged Senate Rules: Saraki Should Honourably Resign – Ex-Lawmaker

SarakiFormer member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mufutau Egberongbe, has said Senate President Bukola Saraki can still make the country proud by resigning honourably as fresh facts emerge that the Senate rules under which he was elected, was forged.

The police investigation of the allegation by the Senate Unity Forum confirms that the Senate Rules used in the June 9 election of presiding officers for the red chamber was forged.

Egberongbe, who represented Apapa constituency 1 in the 7th Lagos Assembly, wondered why politicians could throw away morality in their desperation to hold on to power in apparent reference to the continued stay in office of Senators Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu as Senate President and Deputy Senate President respectively.

“In whose interest was the Senate rules forged? Is it in the interest of the masses or some individual? Definitely, it is not in the interest of the masses.

“As it were, moral persuasion forms part of the characteristics of a leader, but this is suffering in the present circumstance. Therefore, the man should just honourably resign and apologise to Nigerians.

“Even if he feigns ignorance of the fact that the rules were forged, he should still resign on moral ground and save history and serve as a model for upcoming youths”, Egberongbe said.

The former lawmaker called on the APC to use all disciplinary measures to ensure that Saraki does not become a canker worm that would infect other members of the party in terms of party discipline.

Egberongbe lamented that the former Kwara State Governor was creating a bad precedent for other members of the party with the way he emerged as the Senate President.

According to him, “Most of the issues bedeviling this country bother on morals-dishonesty, stealing of government money and forms of such inhuman activities. If there are morals, issues of corruption would be a thing of the past. Your morality is your personality. Therefore, persons of high moral decadence are not right to lead us. He should honourably resign”, the former lawmaker insisted.


  1. If APC is truly serious about change through honesty and unflinching stand against corruption, Senator Saraki should resign as Senate President and should face the wrath of the law for forgery and contempt as maybe deemed fit. Plus whoever is involved in this treachery and absurd way pattern our politicians have subjected the country to over the years.

  2. The point is will Saraki have the honor to step down? I think is more honorable for him to do the right thing. May God Almighty help him.


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