I Never Wanted To Be A Comedian, I Wanted To Be A Doctor, Seyi Law Reveals


In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, famous comedian, Seyi Law has opened up about how he wanted to be a medical doctor and not a comedian.

According to Seyi: –

“I didn’t plan to be a comedian; it was my cousin who saw the talent in me and felt I could do it. When I started out in August, 2005; he introduced me on stage for the first time. And at a point, I just decided to make it a career. I wanted to be a medical doctor. A lot of my colleagues would tell you I was brilliant in the line of science. I even got admission to study Medicine twice. But then, it was at the point when we had financial challenges and it was so difficult for me to continue running the admission. I remember I started attending classes at one particular point but I had to pull back eventually to start contributing to the sustenance of the family with menial jobs that I did to earn stipends. But thank God for what we have today.

“I knew that if I was going to really succeed in this business, I had to remain relevant for the first ten years, and by the special grace of God, the dream has come true. Even after the first 10 years now, we are still going to do greater things. Winning two awards just a week after my ten years celebration means that it can only get better.” he concluded.