Saraki: Civil Society Groups, NANS Threaten To Lead Mass Protests To Embassies


A coalition of civil society organisations under the aegis of Heritage Centre and the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, have threatened to lead mass protests to foreign embassies in Abuja to protest the alleged political victimization of Senate President Bukola Saraki.

They, however, gave no date for the mass protest.

The threat to lead a protest to the embassies was against the backdrop of the Bench warrant for the arrest of Saraki by the Code of Conduct Tribunal over alleged falsification in his assets declaration form.
The Director-General of HC, Dr. Katch Ononuju and NANS President, Tijani Usman, who issued the threat during a press briefing on Saturday evening in Abuja, said it was a witch-hunt against the Senate president by what they described as political ‘cabals’, who should be put under checks by the Federal Government.

Ononuju said, “The President makes appointments and does not refer them to the Senate for confirmation because he does not like the leadership there. Our democracy is under threat and that is why we are talking to Nigerians. ‎Since President Muhammadu Buhari took over, everything is going down. We are calling on the Chief Justice of Nigeria to protect the integrity of the courts by ensuring that injunctions are respected. We are to march to every embassy to tell them that our democracy is under threat.

“The President lacks the political will to fight corruption. We are very worried with the ‎turn out of things. The action by the Senate to appoint its own leadership is the reason behind this witch-hunt.

Accidents have been arranged for senators who supported Saraki.

“The DSS has been used to trail senators. The current CCB should not exist. The current leadership came into office in 2010 and their tenure ought to have elapsed in April 2015. The power that seeks to undermine our democracy and the Senate is gaining the upper hand. I sincerely want corruption to be fought headlong, but we do not want a return to the days of Olusegun Obasanjo, where arrests where targeted”.


  1. Look! the body called justice is applicable to all and sundry. If Saraki has no skeleton in the cupboard, then let him appear before the law to clear himself. We must not protest! We must not try to disrupt the course of justice. The presidency is doing very well and we appreciate its effort so far. Think very well.

  2. @maadoma, are u telling nigerians that if saraki happens to be Tinubu candidate, all this noise here and there would have taken place? That thief with okpolo eyes call teefnubu is behind all this because saraki call his bluff.

  3. This is s sensitive issue first if u want to devind change it as different meaning, this is one of it, look if u want to say the through and stand by it, it will cost u, fr those of who want to protect, why can u allowed saraki to come out and clear the 13 allegations level against him before u stage ur protect. If u dont no anything about 13 allegation,you must know the issue of, I think if any one of u have bro that having account in that bank we u be happy,if you don’t want to celebrate ur shala in police net you better cancel the rally now,let him come and clear the air.

  4. Nigeria is a funny country, why? Because this is a place where corrupt people try their fellow corupt men. We can not be deceived, APC is a stinking and corupt party founded by thieves like tinubu, amechi and other thieves!!