Top 3 Nigerian Songs That Sounds Like A Copycat

Musicians are supposed to be very creative people who create original music for music lovers to enjoy; after all that’s why people pay so much to go watch them at shows. But like in most cases in this present age, what’s meant to be is usually not what is obtainable. Musicians have managed to deviate from what their profession is supposed to be to what they find easiest. Some of  them now instead of creating original songs for their fans make songs that sound like another song their fans must have listened to and received widely. INFORMATION NIGERIA takes a look at the top Nigerian songs (the popular ones) that are copycat of another song.

Ebutte Metta

Banky W – Ebute Metta: This song got Banky W’s career to a perfect start in Nigeria. The song was a copycat of one of Rihanna’s major hits ever. No doubt Banky has a wonderful voice, but he could have put his immense talent to a better use than copying someone else’s song. After that copycat single that launched his career, Banky has gone on to prove himself as one of the best artist Nigeria has ever produced.


Orezi – Rihanna: Aside the ‘shoki’ hit which left many Nigerians confused as to who owns the song between Orezi and Lil Kesh, the Rihanna single is the other song that got massive airplay in his first album. Rihanna is a song that sounds like a song made by Rihanna herself.


Adekunle Gold – Sade: This song is a massive hit; widely received by all and sundry. Though not quite the kind of songs that Nigerians pay much attention to but the song unexpectedly got the attention of Nigerians. What most people didn’t know about the song is that the beat is the exact copy of a global hit song; One Direction’s ‘Story of my life’. When next you listen to this song that you love so much, kindly pay a little bit more attention to those little details you would naturally overlook because of your love for the song.

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