Prove To Us That You Are The Messiah, Clergy Women Tell Buhari


The Nigerian Women in Clergy (NWC) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to be the Messiah Nigerians have been waiting for.

The Clergy women spoke to the press on the occasion of the 55th Independence Anniversary in Abuja.

“Nigerians voted for him, the women voted for him and our youths sacrificed so much for him. He will definitely not be the one that will take us backward. We are optimistic he is the change agent. Let him prove to us that he is the Messiah,” the group’s founder and President, Prophetess Nonnie Roberson told the media.

Asked whether Nigeria has made progress since its independence in 1960, Nonnie said not much had been achieved, especially with the level of hunger and unemployment in the land still high.

“In the words of Sunny Okosun, ‘which way Nigeria?’. At 55, we appear to be where we have been. There is hunger in the land, youths are roaming the streets aimlessly, and insecurity has become a major challenge. People are dying out of frustration. Some can’t afford to pay their children’s school fees. Victims of insurgents are left to cater for themselves; they have been dumped at the IDPs camps scattered across the county. No food, no water and no medical facilities. An average house in Abuja costs N2M. How do you expect a man who battles to feed his family to cough out such money? Many people sleep under trees and bridges, while some of our politicians have warehouses of dollars and naira. So like I said, which way Nigeria? We thought we would have gone beyond this level by now,” Nonnie said.

She advised President Buhari not to leave any stone unturned in his fight against corruption. However, she urge Mr President not to forget other parts of governance as there were other numerous problems facing the country.

“We urge our President to also try to address other challenges militating against the country even as he goes about tackling corruption. As for now, all we need to do is to support his government so we can collectively create jobs, provide shelter, suppress insurgencies and take proper care of the IDPs,” the clergywoman said.

She also advised President Buhari to ensure that women interest becomes one of the major considerations of his administration.

“We strongly hope that Buhari, being a listening and caring President will not let us down. It will definitely not be during his government that women will cry of marginalization of any form. We believe in him. For now, we urge all women to support him and watch his actions towards us. We will smile if he makes us to smile and bark when we ought to bark, but for now, we will be on the watch out,” she said.