This Drivable Lexus “Origami Car” Is Made Of Precision-Cut Cardboard


Luxury car giant Lexus is making headlines for creating a fully functional, drivable cardboard replica of its IS sedan. The ‘Origami Car’ was made by gluing slices of cardboard together on a steel and aluminum frame, with an electric motor powering it. The one-of-a-kind vehicle comes with fully fitted interiors, functioning doors, headlights, and wheels.

The striking cardboard car is meant to be a tribute to the thousands of skilled men and women – called takumi – who work on the Lexus production lines. These people apparently sharpen their craftsmanship and dexterity by practicing making an origami cat using only their non-dominant hand.

The car was built by London-based companies LaserCut Works and Scales and Models, which specialise in creating prototypes and architectural models. Lexus provided them with a digital 3D model of the IS sedan, which they used as a base to create the Origami Car. The team started by dividing the model into parts – the main body, dashboard, seats, and wheels – and then digitally rendered them in 10mm slices.

Oddity Central.