Unfolding Events Have Exposed APC’s Lack Of Capacity To Effectively Run The Affairs Of Nigeria – PDP

PMB-PDPThe national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has taken the All Progressives Congress, APC-led government to the cleaners over the way it is managing the affairs of the nation, saying it was now clear to Nigerians that the administration was completely bereft of ideas.

According to the opposition, the action of government in the last five months has led to a sudden decline in the economy, general anxiety, prevailing unhappiness and grumbling among Nigerians across board.

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, the PDP noted that APC’s citizens’ disenchantment has been a cause for serious for Nigerians, just as it decried what it termed the governing party’s arrogance and insensitivity to Nigerians.

According to Metuh, the prevailing widespread disenchantment being expressed by Nigerians over the inept handling of governance and insincerity so far exhibited by the APC-led Federal Government, has become a huge source of worry for the health of the nation.

Metuh said: “The party notes that the attitude of the APC administration to governance in the last five months and the feelings of a cross section of Nigerians underscore the fact that the PDP, notwithstanding the setback of the last general elections, remains the only true pan-Nigeria vehicle that guarantees the unity, stability and prosperity of the nation as well as the welfare of individual Nigerians, irrespective of class, creed and tribe.

“It now manifest to all that the APC administration is completely bereft of ideas needed to effectively manage the nation, a consequence of which is the sudden decline in the economy, general anxiety and prevailing unhappiness and grumbling among the citizens across board.

“The apparent lack of capacity and ingenuity by this APC government to run the affairs of our dear nation has become evident in the myriads of political and economic glitches that have bedeviled the polity since it took office on May 29.

“Nigerians, going by their comments, are deeply disturbed that instead of focusing on issues that directly touch on their lives, especially given its long list of campaign promises, the APC administration has remained high on propaganda, violating the constitution for partisan capital, hounding perceived political enemies; while at the same time continuing in their trick of hoodwinking the populace, using their so-called body language theory in the attempt to appropriate achievements of the previous PDP administration.

“In the last five months under the watch of the APC, the polity has become shambolic, with official reports showing sudden decline in the economy with spiral rate of inflation, stagnation in domestic and foreign direct investments, halt in infrastructure development projects in most parts of the country, with investors scared away due to the prevailing uncertainty arising from government’s inability to articulate a precise economic policy direction.

“Even more pathetic is the fact that this government has been unable to pursue any investment in any of the critical sectors, eliciting public fears of serious economic crisis in the coming years. This is in addition to the heart-breaking fact that the APC administration, in its apparent insincerity, has been attempting to disown its list of campaign promises upon which it rode to power.

“Instead, what we witness is an appalling cosmetic governance, where endless drama and theatrics of the APC government have reduced governance to an unproductive reality show, which lack even the basic production quality of regular Telemundo shows.

“This administration has shown itself to be the most unprepared government in the history of our country since independence, be it military or civilian. This is a verifiable fact and we challenge the APC to prove us wrong by showing Nigerians any government that they are better than, in terms of organization, direction, performance or any other indices within the period of their first five months in office.

“We now have a situation where routine and mundane duties and appointments by government have become subjects of major national discussions, while the main business of governance suffers, with persons claiming closeness to the seat of power perpetuating financial sleazes in the system under the so-called ‘New Sherriff’.

“Unfolding events are beginning to show to Nigerians that the APC is indeed not the desirable alternative to the PDP, but a band of power grabbers, who swindled the electorate to get into office using false promises and propaganda. This is more so as it has become obvious, given its arrogance, that the APC has no predisposition to change from the insincerity, ineptitude and undemocratic tendencies it has exhibited in the last five months.

“It is on this note that we charge all our members to close ranks and remain committed to the ongoing rebuilding effort in our great party in the interest of our nation and the welfare of all citizens.

“As a party built on the strength of the people as the driving force of democracy, our interest, at all times lies on the overall wellbeing of the citizens. We are therefore reengineering and addressing all issues that led to our temporary setback while assuring Nigerians that we will, at the end of the day, present a stronger and more focused platform to rescue our dear nation from the APC and return power to the people, to whom it rightly belongs, come 2019”.