Violent Clashes Erupt In West Bank After Stabbings


At least two Palestinians have been seriously wounded by Israeli fire during protests in the West Bank, just hours after two stabbing incidents in occupied East Jerusalem and the Israeli city of Kiryat Gan. An Israeli army spokesperson told Al Jazeera that around 350 Palestinians had clashed with Israeli troops near the settlement of Beit El, northwest of Ramallah.

She said Israeli soldiers were attacked with molotov cocktails and rocks, and the two wounded were taken to hospitals. The AFP news agency reported that three Palestinian stone throwers were wounded when men thought to be undercover Israeli officers opened fire on them.

Four masked men were throwing rocks when others among them suddenly drew pistols. As the infiltrators grabbed and beat one man, they opened fire. One of the Palestinians was hit in the back of the head, and Israeli soldiers rushed in to assist the shooters.