What Armed Robbers Requested From Victim During Operation Will Amaze You

An armed robbery operation that took place in Ejigbo community in Lagos state took a strange turn when the robbers ordered one of their victims to serve them food.



PM News reports that the robbers entered Adenuga and Joseph streets at 1.30am on Thursday, October 1. They reportedly entered a house and asked the victim to serve them food. The distraught victim quickly served them eba and soup which the robbers ate in his sitting room before proceeding to carry out their operation.

The robbers went away with money and valuables in an operation that lasted for three hours. The worst hit streets were Fayemi, Surprise Avenue and Oboye. It was reported that at Surprise Avenue; the robbers broke into shops and carted away valuables.

PM News reported that the incident was not the first in the community as residents reported they had been waylaid in the early morning and their money and phones seized at gun point.

A resident in Joseph Street said the robbers broke into their house and tied residents up before combing the apartments for valuables.

The victim said: “Three of them who entered our sitting room ordered our mum to serve them food which she did. Thereafter, they ransacked the whole house and stole N100,000, handsets and other valuables and left.”

Residents complained that the robbery had become commonplace in the community and pointed accusing fingers at suspected cultists in the area who they said were between the ages of 15 and 20.

An anonymous police sources however blamed the residents for not providing adequate information to the police to help with fighting the crime.

A similar robbery incident happened in Abuja when armed robbers attacked a church and brazenly catered valuables away after the church was upgraded to a parish.

Source: Naij