Amaechi’s Ministerial Appointment, A Great Loss To Rivers People – PDP

MINISTERThe Peoples Democratic Party in Rivers State on Thursday described the new Minister of Transportation and the former State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi as a “misfit”, saying his appointment will not make any meaningful impact to the Rivers people.

The Rivers PDP Chairman, Bro Felix Obuah, said this through a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Jerry Needam while reacting to the official swearing in of the new Ministers and assigning of portfolios to them on Wednesday by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to the State PDP chair, a ministerial slot for Rivers State given to Amaechi is a loss to the State because he (Amaechi) is at war with the State and does not believe in the development vision of the State Governor, Barr. Nyesom Wike.

Mr. Obuah said Amaechi’s appointment has put a question mark on the Buhari administration’s war against corruption and has given Nigerians a clear picture that the current administration’s war against corruption is targeted at perceived political enemies and opponents.

The new minister, the State PDP boss noted, has shown in his actions and conduct that he is not a believer nor supporter of any development plan that does not have his endorsement or that of his acolytes, which is not good for any group of people that desire progress.

“Rivers State has an appreciable number of qualified, prudent and humble sons and daughters with burning desire to move the State forward and help promote the existing peace and love among the people which Gov Wike has graciously put in place in only five months in office.

“We’ll therefore be happy to have the federal government or any other agency that means well for the State to always pick from this pool of resourceful and more enterprising human capital other than those with penchant for misleading, mishandling and mismanaging the scare resources of the State as exemplified by the Amaechi administration”, Obuah advised.

The Rivers PDP recalled that despite the stiff opposition to the nomination of the ex-governor as a Ministerial nominee by both Rivers people and Nigerians, President Buhari still went ahead to ratify his nomination by appointing him the Minister of Transportation.

“To register their disapproval of Amaechi’s appointment, all PDP Senators walked out of the National Assembly for allowing the APC members’ insistence on Amaechi’s confirmation which the PDP described as official institutionalization of corruption in Nigeria.

“Majority of Nigerians also have in one voice kicked against Amaechi’s nomination and appointment as Minister of Transportation”, it added.


  1. U ppl are really ignorant n wicked to ur race.who in Rivers can get good deals from d FG if not amaechi?btw amaechi n Wike n PDP rivers,who does not like developmtal projct?u ppl has never fr one day acknowledged all d good work amaechi did dat we hv never seen b4 n u accused him of same.amaechi over d yrs has been shouting n fighting PDP govt,all in d name of his ppl but here u are saying he won’t do things fr his ppl.u ppl take ur race backward in ths area bcos of hatred,if not,amaechi shld be loved n encouraged to d more fr his ppl with d federal might.u ppl maginalise urselves with ur attitude.Amaechi is d best n d greatest son u hv in this generation.what did Wike do fr his ppl while minister?hmmm

    • Bro thank you a lot, pls tell them after Spiff Ameachi is the next best thing that has happened to the state. I’m so ashamed when they say the things they say concerning him, forgeting all he did for the state.. Imagine Obuah who was sworn into office by wike and then first lady at abuja today is making or posting comments! You ppl fought him with federal power bcus of your selfish interest unconstitutionally cause there was no law,now you all are shaking cause your afraid of the law catching up with you and you evil deeds. Thank Almighty God the election of the state was nollified by the tribunal based on the massive rigging and violence, and hey… Look at you ppl denying there was no violence yet from house of assembly,ctc chairmen down to chief security chairman of the state are all cultist, I guess this was the promise you gave to them to help you rig the elections

  2. Or Bro felix obuah have you forgotten how many people Pdp killed in your LGA during the past bloody elections? PDP party chairman at the same time enviromental chairman na una get state, Rivers State as you say yes I agree with you have compitent,educated,and qualified graduates rather than them your administration decieded to use the same group of people that kept the state sleepless,restless and ungovernable by shooting and killing youth,kidnapping expertriates and also killing vertually all the prominent politicians, as our legislatives?you people shouldn’t just let us think of a revolution in this state ooh… Go round my foot