Big Sheff – Am Not Ashamed Of My Big Stature


Large sized Nigerian artiste, Sheriff Ilori, is the son of Nigerian music legends, Kollington Ayinla and Salawa Abeni.

Sheriff Ilori has said he’s comfortable and confidence with his big stature.

In a recent chat with The Punch, the rapper, who is known as Big Sheff said that he loves his weight, size and looks saying there’s nothing embarrassing about his size.

In his words, “I am very comfortable in my skin and I often tell people that if you are a slim person, you should not expect to see someone with six packs when you look into the mirror.”

Continuing, he said, ‘If you are a big person, don’t go to the front of the mirror expecting to see a slim person. If you see that I am a big person when I have my clothes on, then you should expect to see a big person when I take my clothes off. There is nothing to be shy and embarrassed about. If you are comfortable with your looks, then nobody can use it against you. But if you are not comfortable in your skin; that is when there would be an issue.


  1. If you are very younger than your age and slim, dont expect to so see a big person in the front of mirror and dont be little yourself in the from of everybody, evey big things start small, i am slim and am not shy of my status, both every big and small bodies came from God, but learn how to mentain you body so that you will be able to live longer and enjoy the goodness of your handworks, take good care of yourself, i love you all, goodbye.


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