Brazilian Actress Gets Racist Comments After Sharing A Photo Of Her Natural Hair


Popular Afro-Brazilian actress Taís Araújo shared the photo above on her Facebook page and you would think people would compliment her but instead she was hit with a barrage of racist comments. The first person wrote;

“Who posted the picture of this gorilla on Facebook?”; another wrote “Lend me your hair I wash dishes,” and “I did not know that zoo has camera.”

Taís Araújo and her actor husband, Lázaro Ramos, are the most visible black couple in the country where they appear in a national TV show, “Mr. Brown,” a series inspired by Beyoncé and Jay Z. And even though almost 50% of Brazil’s population is of African descent, black people are rarely seen in the media but Taís and her husband are breaking barriers. See her response to the abuse after the cut..

“won’t delete any of those comments. I want you all to feel the shame I felt: the shame to still have people so cowardly and small in this country … I won’t be intimidated or keep my head down. I’ll continue to do what I do best: work. If my image or the image of my family bothers you, it’s your problem!

Source: Facebook