Northern Governors Vow To Defeat Boko Haram, Poverty

map north

Governors of the Northern States have vowed to join forces to end Boko Haram insurgency and the attendant poverty unleashed on the region.

The Governors also pledged to deepen the relationship between the people of different sections of the region in order to foster greater unity among the people.

Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum and Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, made this known Sunday in Wannune, when he led two other Governors of the forum to pay a condolence visit to Senator George Akume who recently lost his elder brother and paramount ruler of Tarka, the late Chief Gabriel Indyer Akume.

“The leaders of the North would not relent until peace is fully restored in the troubled spots of the north just like our joint resolve to overcome poverty in the north will continue to enjoy top priority,” Shettima said.

The Governor called for patience and understanding among the populace noting that everything was being done by the governments of the northern region to ensure sustainable economic growth in the area.

He said their visit to commiserate with the people of Benue state and the Akeme family in particular was a further demonstration of the oneness and unity of purpose of the people of the region.

Responding, Senator Akume said the visit brought comfort to him on account of the assurance that he had friends who could stand by him in his hour of grief and need.


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