PDP Apologizes To Nigerians

Raymond Dokpesi
Raymond Dokpesi

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday apologised for mistakes made during its 16-year rule in the country.

The Chairman of the PDP Reconciliation Committee, Mr Raymond Dokpesi, offered the apology at a news conference in Abuja ahead of the party’s National Conference slated for Thursday.

“on behalf of PDP, I tender our apologies,” said Dokpesi, who admitted that the PDP might not have met all the expectations of Nigerians while it was in power.

“We tender unreserved apology to Nigerians for the mistakes and to party members for abandoning the zoning principle of the party.

“We apologise to people whose toes were stepped upon.

“So far, whatever the PDP has done against anyone, we hereby tender an unreserved apology,” Dokpesi said.

He disclosed that the Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu’s report on the outcome of the general elections showed that factors that affected the party included abandonment of its laws and internal wrangling.

The committee chairman also admitted that the party deviated from the dream of its founding fathers, adding that members operated without recourse to the rule of law.

However, he gave an assurance that the party would do its best in bringing back its founding fathers.

“We are going to have Adamu Ciroma, Alex Ekwueme and some of the founding fathers who were hitherto alienated from the party at the conference to chart the way forward for the party.

“The party in 2010 and 2011 made the first fundamental mistake for not allowing the North to complete its term, but special recommendation were made to allow former President Goodluck Jonathan to complete it.

“The party came again, because they were not courageous enough to allow zoning and they supported the former president, and the party suffered defeat,” he said.

Dokpesi also said that in restructuring the party, the committee would allow the youth to take ownership of the party in driving national growth. According to him, youths whose age must not be more than 30 years, with a minimum of a degree or its equivalent, will take ownership of the party.


  1. I don’t think these people knows what they are saying.They want to put Nigerian Youths into ocean of problem they created.Nothing any of you will say that will not compound your problems. God in her infinit mercy has given Nigeria its much desired leaders and the leadership will be in place for the next 32years. A period for repositioning Nigeria and puting in the appropriate place in the first 5 world nations. So the Nigerian youths are strongly advised to stay far away from the call of the PDP and face the reality of good governance in place.