Lami Gushes Over Her Husband, Says “Thanks For Remaining My Hommie”


Out of date singer, Lami Phillips went on her Instagram page to gush about her hubby.

The singer who’s about to celebrate being married for 11 years wrote: –

“In some weeks i’d have been married to this man for 11 whole years! Thank you for never letting me go, thank you for snapping me up when i was young and just helping me discover myself.. Thank you for being my cheerleader and harshest critic.. Thanks for remaining my homie and praying partner.. Thanks for leading me to vocal lessons, studio etc.. For always celebrating me even when haters fronting as friends would criticise our choices.. Thanks for giving “us” permission to be different. Thanks for #bestie ..! She’s crazy because you are (me i am normal and sane . Mostly thank you for teaching the difference between falling in love and being in love.. The difference between a relationship and commitment.. For always wanting to talk.. And for still toasting me after knowing me for 18yrs! We have lived a million lifetimes together.. We are partners.. Friends.. And we only just started.. God bless you @labillion”



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