SEE The 5 Things Femi Adesina’s Christmas Tweet Shows


Special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari took to Twitter on Christmas eve to wish Nigerians a merry Christmas but something about the tweet got a lot of Nigerians upset. Mr Adesina tweeted: “Merry Christmas to all, including the Wailing Wailers”. INFORMATION NIGERIA has taken time to analyse these tweets, see what we came up with:

– It shows that Adesina somehow forgot he is now a government spokesman not an APC spokesman.

– The tweet reminds almost everyone of Doyin Okupe, spokesman under Jonathan.

– It shows Adeshina doesn’t fully understand the intricacies of being a presidential Media Aide.

– It shows Adesina is still in campaign mood.

– As presidential spokesman, whatever Adeshina says is taken as being said by Mr. President. This tweet therefore undermines Buhari’s office and gives the impression that Buhari is the president of only his supporters and not Nigeria as a whole.

Or what do you think???



  1. I really can’t phantom why we take everything the other way in this country. Is it not obvious the man is only trying to crack us up? Abeg let’s give them the chance to right the wrongs but doesn’t mean we can’t criticise but we should do it constructively.