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Christmas celebrations are over but for some people the aftermath of their spending habit during the season leaves them in a state of financial shock as they spent more than they planned for. From grabbing the best deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to Christmas Decorations to Visiting Friends and Families, a huge dent was created in their accounts.
As usual, the almighty January is here with its own demands. A new school term starts, meaning school fees will need to be paid, house / office rent might need to be renewed and home / office appliances are likely to be changed. We know these and other expenses cost a lot of money and for one who had not foreseen these expenses this might be a cause for worry.
By applying for a Personal Loan from Rosabon Financial Services, you can easily avoid a financial hangover while you get the funds to take care of your family’s’ needs all year round. How is this possible you might ask? This is quite easy!
This collateral-free loan with flexible repayment plans has got the lowest interest rates available. You can loan up to N1.5 million within 48 Hours without using any of your prized assets as collateral as long as you have your proof of employment and a structured and stable flow of income.
That’s not all! You also get a flexible and affordable structured plan to make payment easier for you in a space of 6-8 months. No middlemen or agents required to access our loan facilities, all you need do is put a call through to our client services line or send an email to or
For more information, visit or call our Client service lines on +2347046533688, +2347046523346


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