Edo Guber: 5 Reasons PDP Guber Aspirant, Edebiri Is Contesting Again

The first time Chief Solomon Edebiri contested the governorship election in Edo State was in 2007. The attempt was not successful. In the run-up to the governorship election in the state this year, he is taking another shot at the seat on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). According to the man who had ones failed, here are 5 reasons why he is play the game he failed at again as put together by INFORMATION NIGERIA…


1. He said that a man never stops trying until he achieves his purpose.

2. According to him, most of the things he sees, that are decayed  in the state that needs to be changed – infrastructure, human capacity, haven’t changed. If they have changed and are working better than he saw many years ago, he would have been happier and probably have a different thought on which other way he can contribute to the people in the society.

3. He equally said that he has  passions for the state to do something, do something that is completely different that will turn the state around for good. A state where we will put the people first; a state where we realise that it is better to be an export-based society than an import-based society.

4. Chief Solomon Edebiriam said him taking another shot at the governorship means he is on a mission of revolution.

5. He said he is in hurry to make a name that people can live with just like we call the Clintons, we call the Carters, Margaret Thatcher. That is the kind of name he wants to make.

Do you think these are the true reasons he is contesting again?!?

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