Janet Jackson Undergoing Treatment For Throat Cancer

Janet Jackson, who recently announced she’s set to undergo surgery, has a tumor that could be cancerous, new reports are saying.

“Doctors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cords that could be serious,” a source close to the 49-year-old the “Control” singer told Radar Online. “It’s a medical condition that has to be taken care of immediately.”

The bad news however means the Grammy-winning singer will no longer be able to kick off the 2016 legs of her Unbreakable World Tour on Jan. 9.

“Hey you guys…Happy Holidays to each and every one of you! I need you to know, I learned today, from my doctors that I must have surgery soon,” Jackson confessed in an online post.

“It breaks my heart to tell you that I am forced to postpone the Unbreakable Tour until the spring,” she continued. “Please pray for me, my family and our entire company during this difficult time…There will be no further comment,” the post read. Our prayers are sincerely with her.




Source:Ladun Liadi