Omawumi Speaks On Social Media Beef On An All-time High In Nigeria


With the uncountable social media beefs that the Nigerian entertainment industry has witnessed already this year, it is obvious this year will be a very interesting one.

It’s just January and social media beef is at an all-time high with several celebrities having already taken shots at each other.

Omawumi, 33, who is one of the major players in the entertainment industry recently spoke on a range of issues including social media beef that seem to have become even more prevalent this year.

In her usual candid and humorous manner, Omawumi said “It boils down to the reason behind it. The thing about it is that our work makes us to be out there. You can’t even make any move without people saying… (switches to pidgin) if somebody find my trouble and I decide to deck the person it’s valid. But because I be artiste I’m supposed to now swallow it, meanwhile the thing go dey pain me.

Omawumi went on to say if artistes have beef they should put it out there, but doesn’t like the idea of artistes throwing insults on social media.

According to her, artistes who have issues with themselves should meet one on one and settle their differences


  1. I hope this is not the beginning of gangsterism in the Nigeria music industry. They have gotten money, fame, women etc, they are now looking for power. Hope it doesn’t get to unnecessary killings. COPY CATS