Saraki Backs Made-in-Nigeria Goods, Calls For Endorsement Of ‘Make In Nigeria’ Too

Bukola Saraki-Innoson Motors

Senate President Bukola Saraki has said that as the country promotes locally-made goods, it should also open up to having foreign producers set up production plants in Nigeria.

“As part of our effort to promote Made in Nigeria, we will equally endorse Make in Nigeria, this way foreign companies can set up plants here,” Saraki tweeted on Tuesday.

A day earlier, the Senate president had received a delegation from Innoson Motor Manufacturing Company, Nnewi, led by Innocent Chukwuma, the Chairman and founder of the company, in his office, where he said the government should use legislative actions and policy initiatives to protect the local industries as a deliberate way of reviving the economy.

Innoson Motors is the only Nigerian company manufacturing automobile of different range. The company is getting more visibility these days as campaigns on buying made-in-Nigeria goods go viral in the country.

Nigeria is undergoing its worst economic crisis in years. Using made in Nigeria products have been suggested as one of the major ways to revive the economy.