Saraki’s Travail Politically Motivated – Arewa Youths

Bukola SarakiThe Arewa Youth for Peace and Security, AYPS, have described the trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki by the Code of Conduct Tribunal as political and ill-timed, stressing that the trial would create instability in the National Assembly if not discontinued.
The AYPS Director of Publicity, Mr Salihu Dantata Mahmud, who made this known in a press statement on Friday, pointed out that the trial shows insensitivity on the part of those orchestrating it, considering the state of the country.
According to him, “why did they have to wait till Bukola became Senate President before bringing up these allegations? I think it is not right and appropriate at this material time going by the unstable nature of the National Assembly.
“The Code of Conduct Bureau as well as the tribunal and judicial arm of government should have read the handwriting on the wall that their sister arm of government, the legislature is facing turbulent times. The trial of Bukola Saraki is purely politically motivated and has already attracted sympathy for him. Whoever is behind this should have a rethink as it can’t work. For a man who got mass support to emerge as the president of the 8th Senate cannot be toyed with, there are more serious issues than the Senate President’s case that the code of conduct tribunal has not deemed fit to bring up; we cannot be taken for a ride irrespective of our party, religious and ethnic affiliations, we stand firmly behind Senate President Bukola Saraki, because he is qualified and competent to be Nigeria’s Senate President at this material time.
“What stopped the CCT from bringing up the case while the later was a floor Senator four years ago? We widely believe that he is being tried because he is Senate President and some people are envious of his rising profile.
“As northerners, we support the choice of Bukola as Senate President especially coming from the north-central. There is no way the northeast which already has the position of Secretary to Government of the Federation, (SGF). Chief of Staff to the President (COS) National Security Adviser (NSA) and the chief of Army Staff could be allowed to still produce the Senate President.
“We want to imbibe the culture of equal representation as an indelible legacy of late Sir Ahmadu Bello (KBE) while he was the premier of the then northern region. The north is one and no selfish agenda can divide it”.