Should Saraki Resign Now That He is Being Tried??? SEE What Some Prominent Nigerians Think


As Senate President Bukola Saraki faces trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) over an alleged false declaration of assets, prominent Nigerians have started reacting to the trial. Some of them calling for his resignation while some would like the embattled Bukola Saraki to stay put as Senate president. INFORMATION NIGERIA puts together in this piece, the points of 3 notable Nigerians as regards whether Saraki should resign or not…

Human rights lawyer Femi Falana is one of those who have called for the resignation of Senator Saraki, stressing that the resignation is vital to save the integrity of Nigeria’s legislature. According to the Lawyer:

“Having undertaken to prove his innocence at the code of conduct trubunal Senator Saraki should resign as Senate president so as to preserve the integrity of the National Assembly.

“When senators Chuba Okadigbo and Adolphus Wabara were indicted they were made to step down as Senate presidents.”

Another Nigerian who supported Saraki’s resignation is Senator Kabiru Marafa, a leader of the Unity Forum, a caucus of All Progressives Congress, APC senators opposed to the emergence of Mr. Saraki as the Senate president. On Saturday, he asked Senator Saraki just like Mr Falana to “honourably” resign to save the image of the National Assembly and salvage national pride. Mr. Marafa said:

Mr. Saraki’s corruption trial had questioned the Senate’s credibility and Nigeria’s pride.

“By reason of omission or commission, Saraki has pushed himself to a position of disadvantage. By moving from one court to the other up to the Supreme and got himself knocked out, what it portrays is that the Senate under Senator Saraki is fast losing credibility.

“The most honourable thing for Saraki is to resign and face his prosecution. If he wins, the seat is always there and he can be re-elected again if those that supported him truly believe he is the best person for the position. And if not, he will remain a senator like he was in the 7th Assembly. Is it a must that he become Senate President?”

Sen. Dino Melaye (APC- Kogi State) from the Like Minds caucus, who wouldn’t hear a thing about Saraki’s resignation outrightly opposed Marafa’s points saying:

“Marafa is a clown and perhaps lives on cheap drugs… The case at the CCT is not about Saraki; rather, it’s about the Senate. And we will not fold our arms to mess up with the Senate”

So, should Saraki resign or stay put???




  1. He must step down. Who is Saraki to remains as senate president when he has a criminal case to answer in hi court? Baba Falana has spoken and majority of Nigerians concord. They think they can turned this country into their ocultics organisation?

  2. Saraki should resign if he has any modicum of self respect left in him.Melaye and co are just out to feather their selfish interest using Satanists as their conduit.But Melaye and others do not own nigeria or the senate.They are just corrupt bunch of opportunists.If Saraki is convicted,what are they going to do? Go to jail with him?Melaiye is even clowner