Daredevil Scooter-riding Flies Over Police Officer’s Head


An Arizona police department shared video of a young daredevil showing off his scooter skills by doing a jump trick over an officer’s head. The Mesa Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing Sgt. James Hermes doing his best to hold perfectly still while teenager Roman Mora jumps over his head on a scooter.

Mora said it took some doing to convince Hermes to participate in his stunt.

“He was like no, I want to see how high you can go first, and I told him I couldn’t say that it had to be with someone standing there so I could go straight over them,” Moratold KSAZ-TV. Hermes admitted to being a little concerned for his safety.

“I kind of did a little duck because I saw it coming like awe it’s going to be bad, but he made it and at the last minute I kind of looked out of the corner of my eye and saw he probably cleared me by a foot and a half,” he said.