Money Spilled From Armored Truck Stops New Jersey Traffic


An armored truck in New Jersey dropped a bag full of money on a local highway, stopping traffic as bills were strewn about the road. A bag of cash fell out of a Guarda truck headed west on Route 46 in Wayne, N.J. A passing truck then struck the bag, causing bills to fly into the air.

Witness Paul Redman told CBS New York that the bills were spread all across the roadway as traffic came to a stop. “Take a look up and I see massive amounts of money flying down the highway,” he said. “So I walk out a little further and you can see it’s just $20 bills all over the place.”

The driver and several civilians attempted to scoop up the loose bills, but police said only some returned the money. It’s unclear how much money was lost or how the bag fell out of the truck, but Redman said it seemed the truck’s back door flew open.