“My Wife Had A Bond With My Late Mum”, Peter Okoye Debunks Rumour


Peter Okoye of the defunct P-Square, has always been the more outspoken half.

This has remained that way in their ongoing family battle.

Peter Okoye aka Mr. P, has gone on to reveal that contrary to public opinion that his wife, Lola Omotayo, didn’t get along with his late mum, the two had a wonderful relationship.

Mr. P stated in an interview that his wife enjoyed a good relationship with his mum till death in 2012.

In his words: –

People think we changed when we started having wives. Before my mum died, she was at St Nicholas hospital on the island, and my sisters were living in this house (in Lekki), and every morning before my wife goes to work, she’ll leave home at 5am in the morning to go and stay with my mum even before we get there ourselves. And when she closes from work, she’s back with her again’.

So I just laugh when I hear people say my mum didn’t like my wife. It’s my wife and sister that prepare my mum’s meals in the kitchen,’ he said.