6 Things That Happened in Nigeria’s 80’s and 90’s That Don’t Happen Now

Anyone who was born or grew up in Nigeria in the 80’s and 90’s had their best and worst moments. Recall that Babangida and Abacha’s reign were during these times and a lot happened in Nigeria in those periods. Many kids then weren’t really politically conscious like kids nowadays and a lot of things did happen then that don’t happen now. Finding it difficult to remember some? Well, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you six (6) of them here…

NITEL  was the only telecommunications available and only like two houses in a street had it. Everyone else just took their number and waited hours at NITEL phone booths to make a call. Unlike then, there are different telecommunications and some Nigerians have all of them with phones to match.

Parents could beat the hell out of their kids then and the kids dare not argue. Nowadays, its more like a democracy where both parties hear each other’s side and they come to a compromise. Also back then, Child grooming was not just the job of the parents, it was that of the whole community and an erring child would get a good spanking from any adult on sight.

There was lesser traffic on the roads then because the cars we had then weren’t as much as what we have now and the cost of living was not as high as it is now. Prices of things in today’s Nigeria just keep shooting up.

As sad as this sounds, there was no internet back then so when a child was given an assignment to research something there was no such thing as google or wikipeadia. So, students put more efforts into sourcing materials unlike now where they could easily type it on google.

TV stations then were very few and resumed broadcast at 4pm, beginning with the National Anthem then close at 12am but nowadays the TV stations are more now; and run 24hrs without starting their broadcast with the national anthem.

Unlike now where there are so many eateries and fun places to choose from, Mr Biggs was the only eatery in most parts of Nigeria. Most Nigerian kids, then, were taken there by their parents only when they did well in school, or for their birthdays or special celebrations.

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