Iggy Azalea’s fiance caught cheating on her again?!?


Coincidentally, it’s been just a day since Iggy Azalea made public she would cut off her fiancé, Nick Young’s penis if he cheated on her again.

Surprisingly, another woman has  come out to claim the NBA star is having an affair with her.

A Memphis woman named Brittany claims that she and Young have had a sexual relationship for years and she has a video to “prove it.”

According to The ShadeRoom, “@ItsBrittBiotch,  says that they have been seeing each other for a couple of years now and that the video footage that she sent in was taken back in February when he was in town to play against the Grizzlies!”

The site confirms the Lakers star indeed had a game against Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum in Memphis on February 26th!“One thing is for sure she maintains that she is no groupie and that Nick is definitely a two timing dog,” reports The ShadeRoom.

We earlier reported that the Australian rapper told Wild 94.1’s ‘Orlando And The Freak Show’ that if she ever caught her man cheating on her again, after his pal D’Angelo Russell exposed his cheating confession with a 19-year-old in a video recording,  she would go #LorenaBobbitt on his a**! Meaning, she will cut off his manhood!

“No, I’m not cool with it,” Azalea told the show. “Like, you’ll have half a penis.”