NUPENG Threatens Strike Over Remuneration Of Fuel Attendants


The lingering fuel scarcity in the country may worsen if the over 300,000 petrol attendants in the country do not get a pay rise, The Nation reports.

The National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has threatened to go on strike in sympathy with the petrol attendants.

Citing industry sources, The Nation said Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD), an arm of NUPENG, planned to embark upon a strike if an agreement is not reached over the N18,000 minimum wage being proposed for the attendants.

The Zonal Chairman, Southwest, NUPENG, Mr. Tokunbo Korodo, confirmed this. He said tanker drivers might go on strike to identify with the petrol attendants on the issue.

The inability of stakeholders to reach a compromise, he said, has slowed discussions on the issue.According to him, petrol dealers are the ones working against the agreement reached on the payment of the minimum wage, not marketers.

He said efforts to get the dealers to understand the predicaments of the petrol attendants and further increase their salaries have proved abortive.

“Discussions are ongoing on the issue of increasing the emoluments of petrol attendants and others working at fuel retail outlets across the country. Several meetings have been held on the issue because we believe that the workers’ welfare must be improved. We are going to mobilise our members, especially tanker drivers, to go on strike. If the dealers are not ready to acquiesce to our demands,we would order our drivers not to provide fuel to stations that are being run by dealers,” Korodo said.

He noted that through this, NUPENG would achieve its aspirations of providing better remuneration for petrol attendants.