Tampa Mom Hires Stripper For 8-year-old Son’s Birthday Party, Outrage Follows


An outrageous video shows a pink lingerie-clad stripper twerking on an 8-year-old Florida boy as his friends laugh and throw money at the woman. A Tampa mother allegedly hired the stripper for her son’s birthday, according to a video posted March 24 on YouTube that has since gone viral. The video shows the stripper in pink bra and underwear grinding against the boy’s face while he spanks her and tosses money.

At least three other children can be seen on camera, with someone else filming. The video has since been deleted.  Commenters were livid at the young boy’s birthday guest, with some even calling for charges to be pressed.

“My only question is, what laws were possibly broken? What was this mother thinking? Why would the stripper even go along with this, especially when it’s being taped? Not too bright,” one person commented under the YouTube video. Another questioned whether charges could be pressed for sexual involvement with a minor. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department did not immediately return a call for comment.

New York Daily News.